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Cleaning Services in Silver Spring, MD

Silver Spring, Maryland, is a cultural powerhouse in the state. We love working here as much as you love living here. Rent Maids is your solution for residential house and apartment cleaning services.

We can take homes of all sizes and conditions and transform them into calm resting places where you and your family can relax.

Home Cleaning Services

As a cleaning company, our services are comprehensive. Whether you need us once or you need us regularly, we’ll be here to help keep your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and common areas in top shape.


The most comforting thing is coming home to a clean room with a freshly made bed. We want you to love your bedroom, so we will:

  • Dust blinds, window ledges, furniture and decor.
  • Clean the interior of windows.
  • Change the linens and make the bed.
  • Vacuum carpets, rugs, drawers and closets.
  • Empty trash cans.


Cleaning the bathroom involves working with chemicals and putting in some elbow grease to get a sparkling clean result. Rent Maids is ready to tackle the challenge. Our deep cleaning experience ensures we’ll give you a beautiful result every time.

When we clean your bathroom, we’ll take care of:

  • Dusting blinds, vents and furniture.
  • Wiping down the outside of your cabinets.
  • Scrubbing and cleaning sinks, toilets, showers and tubs.
  • Cleaning countertops — with a special product for marble and stone surfaces.
  • Cleaning mirrors and shining chrome.
  • Vacuuming and mopping floors.
  • Emptying trash cans.


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Common Areas

Dining rooms, living rooms and office spaces can get a lot of foot traffic and are easily messed up with so many people coming through. Our common space cleaning checklist includes:

  • Dusting around windows and on furniture, decor and other surfaces.
  • Cleaning interior windows and other glass surfaces.
  • Baseboard detail cleaning.
  • Vacuuming carpets, rugs and stairs.
  • Emptying trash cans.


Cleaning the kitchen is a vital part of maintaining a clean home. Since you work with food, it needs to be especially clean, with every crack and crevice scrubbed to perfection. When you use our kitchen cleaning services, you’ll come home to:

  • Clean microwaves, stovetops, countertops, sinks and appliances.
  • Polished stainless steel surfaces.
  • A scrubbed sink.
  • Vacuumed and mopped floors.
  • Emptied trash cans.
  • A clean oven and fridge for an additional fee.

Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning Services in Silver Spring, MD

Whether you’re moving in or moving out of somewhere, you’re more focused on getting your stuff to the right place than how clean the place looks. Still, cleaning is an essential part of any moving process, as you don’t want to move your things into a dirty room or get an unexpected fine for not cleaning your vacated space well.

Rent Maids can handle floor-to-ceiling move-in and move-out cleaning of your Silver Spring home so you can focus on yourself.

Additional Services

Add additional services to your one-time or deep cleaning services. Rent Maids can take care of the dirty dishes in your sink and laundry piling up in the hamper. We can also provide interior window cleaning and post-construction cleaning.

Get a Clean Home Today

At Rent Maids, we know you’re busy enough without thinking about cleaning your house from top to bottom. We made it our goal to provide deep house cleaning services to the Silver Spring area. We’ll take on the cleaning so you can take on your next project or finally get some time for much-needed relaxation.

Connect with us today! We’ll talk you through our process and schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

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Washington, DC

From: google

"Very Thorough"

Cristian was on time and had her equipment to complete the job. She was very thorough in completing task. I would recommend and welcome Cristian back to my home.


May 2022

Washington, DC

From: google

"Excellent Experience"

I had an excellent experience working with this company. Anna came on time on both occasions. She is very thorough and kind. I definitely recommend this company and I plan to use their services again the future.


December 2021

Washington, DC

From: yelp

"The Best"

Ana and her team are the best! Thorough, professional, responsive, punctual, masked, and reasonably priced, they leave my home sparkling. Highly recommend.


December 2021


From: yelp

"Very Helpful"

I have had Ana and her team as cleaners for the last three years. They are always on time and very detailed in their cleans.

Recently i had a mouse problem and had to get a deep clean for my tenants. They were able to fit me in their schedule to help address the problem asap. Very helpful!