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Apartment Cleaning Services in DC

Your apartment, however small it may be, is your oasis from the world, where you come to relax, recharge and be the realest version of yourself. But you can’t do any of that when you return home after a long day to a list of chores you’ve been putting off.

Rent Maids is your solution for having a clean apartment all the time. Our company has cleaned everything from small, studio apartments to family houses with six rooms or more in Washington, D.C. Our professional, comprehensive services are exactly what you need to keep your home in the best shape of its life.

Rooms We Clean

Our cleaning services cover every room in your apartment. You can hire our maids to clean the whole place or just a couple of rooms, depending on your needs. Whatever you hire us for, we’ll tackle every room with the same dedication and expertise, leaving you with a spectacular result.

You can request our services for:

  • Kitchens: Your kitchen needs to be the cleanest room in your house. When you’re cooking, there’s no room for bad bacteria or dust. Our kitchen cleaning checklist includes dusting and wiping down sinks, countertops and appliances. If you have stainless steel surfaces, we’ll polish them. For a small additional fee, we’ll also clean your fridge and oven.
  • Bathrooms: Cleaning a bathroom takes more than a rag and some bleach. We put in the work to carefully scrub tubs, toilets, showers and sinks, erasing stains and residue. We’ll wipe down cabinet doors, mirrors, windows and countertops, using a special product for marble and stone when necessary.
  • Bedrooms: What’s better than coming home to a well-made bed? When you choose our bedroom cleaning services, we’ll refresh the linens and leave you with a clean bed to sleep in. We’ll also clean inside hard-to-reach places like closets and drawers.
  • Living rooms and other common spaces: Keep your home ready for company with clean furniture, vacuumed floors and stairs and polished, streak-free surfaces.

In every room, we’ll dust, vacuum and mop where needed and empty any trash cans. You’ll love coming home after our services so much that you’ll want to have us again!

Single or Recurring Services

When you need us to clean before a party or event, we’ll be there. If you need us every week to help keep things in order, we’ll be there then, too! We offer one-time services and recurring cleaning services on weekly, bi-weekly and monthly bases.

If you are scheduling a one-time or deep cleaning service, we offer additional services for an extra fee. Let Rent Maids take care of your dirty dishes and laundry or clean your windows!

Another type of one-time service we do is move-in and move-out cleanings. When you move out, we’ll clean from floor to ceiling and help you get your security deposit back. And before you move in, we’ll make sure everything is clean and ready for you to make your home.


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Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a multi-room townhouse, our affordable apartment cleaning services will help you keep your Washington D.C. home in top shape. You’re busy enough without thinking about cleaning your apartment from top to bottom. Let us take it off your plate.

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