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At Rent Maids, we know that time is precious, and keeping your home clean shouldn’t feel like a hassle. Our team can help you with all these cleaning services:

Only because Bedrooms are the most private part of your home it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be perfectly cleaned, dusted off, ventilated and refreshed. That’s why when we finish with each bedroom in your house, we make sure we take perfect care of:
  • - Dust Blinds & Window Ledges/Base
  • - Make beds & change bed linens (when left on top of bed)
  • - Dust furniture & decorations, Clean glass table tops
  • - Empty trash in all bedrooms, living, and office spaces
  • - Vacuum all carpet, small rugs and stairs
  • - Baseboard Detail Cleaning
  • - Vacuum Closet Shelves & Drawers
  • - Windows (Inside)
  • - Dust pictures frame
Kitchen cleaning here’s where casual wine and conversations happen, the place where the food your family and friends enjoy together is prepared, this is a place that needs to be not only clean, but disinfected. The kitchen sink is actually the place in the house with the highest concentration of bacteria, we know that and we’ll make sure once we left it’s clean as new and we’ also take care of:
  • - Blinds and Window Ledgese
  • - Kitchen Cabinets (Outside)
  • - Clean Stove Top & Stove Fan
  • - Clean Microwave
  • - Clean Countertops
  • - Clean Large Electronic Appliances
  • - Scrub & Clean Sinks
  • - Polish all Stainless Steel Surfaces
  • - Empty Trash Can
  • - Vacuum and mop Kitchen floors & rug
  • - Clean Entrance Glass Door

For a small additional fee, we’ll also do

  • - Fridge Cleaning
  • - Oven Cleaning

Bathrooms we know how important it is to have a clean bathroom for you, your family and visitors, we strive not only to clean but also to disinfect.

We want the last corner of tile in your shower or bathtub to look spotless. We know kids can be messy, that’s why we pay special attention to stains of toothpaste on the sink and mirror, and know the difference between a floor that is clean, and one that shines.

That’s why we make sure to get to the smallest detail and:

  • - Dust Blinds, Window Ledges & Furniture in Bathrooms
  • - Wipe Bathroom Cabinets(Outside)
  • - Scrub & Clean Sinks
  • - Clean Countertops (special product for marble & stone)
  • - Clean Mirrors & Shine Chrome
  • - Scrub & Clean Toilets
  • - Scrub & Clean Tubs
  • - Scrub & Clean Showers
  • - Empty Trash Can(s)
  • - Vacuum Bathroom Floors & Rugs
  • - Mop Bathroom Floors
  • - Clean Windows Inside
Cleanliness can make or break an Airbnb. After Airbnb created an Enhanced Cleaning program for hosts during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a cleaning service meant for you to get sparkling reviews:
  • - Overall cleaning and sanitizing according to AirBnb’s 5-step enhanced cleaning process
  • - Wash and clean sheets, floors, and vacuum carpets when applicable.
  • - Kitchen cleaning, including inspecting appliances, coffee maker, toaster, etc.
  • - Bathroom cleaning, including mirrors, inside of vanities, towels, dust or hair left.
  • - Living room cleaning, washing extra throw blankets, dusting, and disinfecting.
Packing for a move tends to be stressful and draining. Things get more difficult considering that cleaning before moving out is much tougher than cleaning a new home. A bad cleaning job can even mean you will not get your deposit back. To make sure cleaning doesn’t add to your stress, our move out cleaning service includes:
  • - Kitchen cleaning, including inside and outside of cabinets and appliances.
  • - Wall cabinets, wardrobes, and closets.
  • - Bathroom cleaning, including disinfecting tubs or showers, tiles, and sinks.
  • - Bedrooms and living room, including ceilings and floors.