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Washington D.C. Bathroom Cleaning Services

When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, many people put off the chore until they can’t anymore. Whether you don’t have the time or lack the desire to clean one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, we’ll be there to take care of it efficiently and effectively, leaving behind a spotless room you’ll love.

Rent Maids is your solution for home bathroom cleaning services in the Washington, D.C, area. We love a challenge and hope that your bathroom is our next project. Our comprehensive cleaning checklist will ensure we reach every inch of your bathroom from floor to ceiling, leaving it sanitized and sparkling for you when you come home.

Our expertise in cleaning means that we sanitize areas you might not even think of, providing you with a more thorough cleaning experience that you’ll be admiring for days to come.

Residential Bathroom Cleaning Services

For us, a clean bathroom means more than wiping down mirrors and cleaning the toilet. While they’re important parts of the process, we know we can do more for you. We see the finest details and tackle them eagerly.

When we get to your bathroom, we start with a good dusting, getting excess dirt off vents, furniture, decor, window ledges and blinds. While we’re at your windows, we’ll wipe down the interior side of them for a streak-free view.

Then, we’ll get to work on scrubbing. Our solutions target long-standing grime and residue, and we’ll work with them until any stains are gone. We’ll scrub down your sinks, toilets, tubs and showers so you can go through your daily routines without encountering a speck of dirt.

Next, we will wipe down bathroom cabinet doors, clean mirrors and shine chrome until they’re perfect. We’ll also wipe down your countertops. If you have a marble or other stone surfaced countertop, we even have special cleaners we use to maintain their integrity. We’ve done our best to think of everything so you don’t have to. You can trust when we come in that we know what we’re doing and can navigate any cleaning challenges we encounter.

Finally, we’ll finish up the way we do with all of our services — by vacuuming any carpets and rugs and mopping the floors. On our way out, we’ll empty any trash cans and take the trash out with us. Then, it’s up to you to come home, inspect our work and fall in love with your bathroom again.

Items Included In Our Bathroom Cleaning Services

  • Wiping down mirrors
  • Dusting
  • Scrubbing sink
  • Scrubbing toilet
  • Scrubbing tub or shower
  • Wiping down cabinet doors
  • Wiping countertops
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping floors
  • Emptying trash


Add-On Items

  • Interior windows
  • Laundry
  • Post-construction cleaning


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Come Home to a Cleaner Bathroom

The last thing you want to do after a long week of work is clean your bathroom. Let Rent Maids take the lead, and your bathroom will be sparkling clean without you lifting a single finger. Then, you can light some candles, put on some music and spend the night in your newly cleaned bathtub!

For more information about our home bathroom cleaning services or other room cleaning services near you, contact Rent Maids. Our dedicated professionals are standing by. You can also schedule services right now using our convenient calculator. We can’t wait to work for you.