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Cleaning Services in Washington, D.C.

Your home keeps you and your family safe, warm and comfortable. When you want to keep your space looking its best, Rent Maids is your solution. We offer apartment and home cleaning services for residents in Washington, D.C., so work with us to enjoy spotless living areas.

Our Residential Cleaning Services

We understand that a clean home contributes to people’s happiness and comfort. That’s why we offer comprehensive cleaning services to help you save more than time. Our house cleaning services in Washington, D.C., can address areas like:

Bedrooms and Common Areas

Your bedroom and common areas allow you to rest after a long day. Coming home to already clean rooms can brighten your mood while letting you focus on creating peaceful moments instead of thinking about cleaning. When you hire our professional maids to clean your bedrooms and common areas, you get:

  • Dusted blinds, windows, ledges, decorations and furniture.
  • Vacuumed rugs, carpets and floors.
  • Polished windows and glass surfaces.
  • Emptied trash.
  • Made beds with fresh linens.


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home, and keeping it clean is essential to ensuring it remains bacteria free. Rent Maids can help you maintain a spotless bathroom. Our bathroom cleaning services include:

  • Dusting vents, blinds and window ledges.
  • Cleaning mirrors, windows and counters.
  • Scrubbing and disinfecting toilets, baths and showers.
  • Mopping floors.
  • Emptying trash containers.

We use special cleaning products based on the materials of your countertops.


The kitchen is the most frequented room in most homes and needs constant cleaning to remain tidy and sanitary. With Rent Maids, you’ll receive professional kitchen cleaning services from our team members, who pay attention to the small details. We can take care of scrubbing various items and areas, including:

  • Kitchen cabinet doors
  • Sinks
  • Microwaves
  • Countertops
  • Stovetops
  • Large electronic appliances
  • Kitchen floors and rugs

For an additional fee, we can also clean your oven or fridge.

Move-In and Move-Out

If you’re moving in or out of your residence and would like assistance with the cleaning portion of the process, Rent Maids can help. We can prepare your old place for new tenants by thoroughly cleaning all the rooms after you move out. If you want to ensure your new home is ready before your belongings arrive, our team can clean your new place so that you move in to a fresh space.

Additional Services

Besides our everyday residential cleaning services, we offer services like one-time or deep cleans, post-construction cleanings or spotless interior window cleanings. You can also hire us to take care of your laundry and dishes whenever needed. All our additional services have an increased fee.

Enjoy a Clean Home With Professional Washington, D.C., Cleaning Services

Rent Maids is your trusted Washington, D.C., cleaning company. Our comprehensive housekeeping services help make your home look and feel exceptional every time and let you focus on doing what matters to you. Learn more about our home and apartment cleaning services in Washington, D.C., by using our quote calculator to schedule an appointment, or contact us to speak with a team member today!

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Washington, DC

From: google

"Very Thorough"

Cristian was on time and had her equipment to complete the job. She was very thorough in completing task. I would recommend and welcome Cristian back to my home.


May 2022

Washington, DC

From: google

"Excellent Experience"

I had an excellent experience working with this company. Anna came on time on both occasions. She is very thorough and kind. I definitely recommend this company and I plan to use their services again the future.


December 2021

Washington, DC

From: yelp

"The Best"

Ana and her team are the best! Thorough, professional, responsive, punctual, masked, and reasonably priced, they leave my home sparkling. Highly recommend.


December 2021


From: yelp

"Very Helpful"

I have had Ana and her team as cleaners for the last three years. They are always on time and very detailed in their cleans.

Recently i had a mouse problem and had to get a deep clean for my tenants. They were able to fit me in their schedule to help address the problem asap. Very helpful!