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How to Clean Windows (And Why You Should Do It)

31 May

You dust your shelves, sweep your floor and polish your surfaces. What about your windows? Your windows can collect dirt, dust and residue, adding to the surface dust you work to remove. Cleaning your windows completes home cleaning by providing a shiny inward and outward view. Window cleaning is worth the time and effort — … Continued

You dust your shelves, sweep your floor and polish your surfaces. What about your windows? Your windows can collect dirt, dust and residue, adding to the surface dust you work to remove. Cleaning your windows completes home cleaning by providing a shiny inward and outward view. Window cleaning is worth the time and effort — with expert techniques and advice, your windows can leave a lasting impression.

Why Clean Your Windows?

Cleaning your windows regularly ensures a clear and shiny view free from residue, streaks and dirt. Clean windows can also enhance the appearance of your home and leave a lasting impression. Learn more about the benefits of cleaning your windows:

Enhance Curb Appeal

Consider how people might view your home with windows covered in fingerprints and grime. Clean windows can make your home look more appealing to visitors and passersby. Your windows can glisten and gleam from afar, leaving a positive impression and making your guests feel more at home when visiting.

Reduce Cleaning Time

Your windows, curtains and frames can accumulate layers of grime and fingerprints over time. Cleaning your windows regularly prevents the buildup of dirt, dust and smoke, reducing window cleaning frequency and time spent washing your windows. You may have a bigger job to tackle if you leave dust and residue to build up, requiring rigorous window cleaning.

Enhance Natural Light

Think about opening your curtains in the morning to the sight of the sun radiantly shining through your windows. Getting sunshine can be meditative and excellent for your health, and a clean window can enhance those effects. Plus, natural light will warm and illuminate your home.

Dull windows can affect the amount of natural light streaming in and dull your mood. Clean windows, free from layers of film, dust, and window streaks, can offer better natural light, improve your view and brighten your day.

Preserve Energy

Clean windows can help keep your home warm and insulated. Cleaning your windows can protect energy-efficient glass insulation and coatings and keep them functioning. Dirt and film layers prevent the sun from heating your window glass, reducing your home’s warmth when it’s cold. Clean your windows to insulate your home and save money on heating bills.

cleaning windows can protect energy-efficient glass

Conduct Preventive Maintenance

You can see scratches and cracks better on clean windows, making repairing and maintaining your window quality easier. Cleaning windows also prevents the accumulation of dirt and dust that build up in hinges, which makes it challenging to open and close your windows.

How to Clean Your Windows

What is the best way to clean windows? One of the best approaches to cleaning your windows is to keep your methods and equipment simple. Many professionals clean windows effectively using simple techniques and equipment. Check out how to clean windows like a professional:

1. Get Your Equipment

Use a microfiber cloth or black and white newspaper to wipe away water. Avoid using a paper towel to wipe your windows — it can leave white streaks, lint and residue. Squeegees may work better on bigger windows and can take more technique, so if you’re new to window washing, try keeping it simple with a microfiber.

2. Mix or Buy Your Cleaning Solution

You can use a bucket or spray bottle for your solution. Both work well for window cleaning purposes. Mix two parts water with one part white vinegar into your spray bottle, or use a premixed store-bought window spray like Windex. You can also mix a store-bought solution or dishwashing soap into a bucket of water if you do not have a spray bottle. Follow store-bought product instructions for mixing ratios.

3. Remove Dust and Prep Your Area

When washing your windows, it’s helpful to remove any curtains, blinds and shades and put them into the wash to remove any excess dust. Wipe away any window dust before you start washing your window. You should also remove dust or dirt from window frames and tracks, either with a duster, a dustpan and small broom, or a vacuum with a hose and brush attachment. Prep your area by placing a towel beneath you to catch water drops and spills.

4. Wash Your Windows

Start on the top of your window and make your way down. Spray one or two pumps of your solution on your window and use a microfiber cloth or squeegee to start washing. Try not to make your window too wet when spraying your solution. If you’re using a bucket and soap solution, wring out your cloth before washing your window.

Whether using a cloth or squeegee, wash your windows horizontally or vertically and avoid a circular motion. Keep your cloth handy to remove excess water from your squeegee, preventing drips and spills. Remove difficult spots with a soft nylon scrub pad to avoid scratching your windows.

5. Wipe and Repeat as Needed

You can use black and white newspaper or a clean, dry microfiber cloth to wipe away water. Use a Z-shaped motion for wiping away water and for a shiny finish. If you still see dirty spots, marks or some dullness, rewash your window and repeat the wiping process.

6. Remove Any Excess Water and Spots

Once your window is dry and glistening, use a clean and dry microfiber cloth to blot or wipe away excess water spots. You can also use a damp cloth to remove any watermarks and stains from window frame areas.

7. Clean the Exterior Windows

Wash the outside of your windows after finishing the inside. The outdoor side of your windows may have more grime and dirt and require some more soap solution and elbow grease.

Start by removing and washing the window screens and setting them aside to dry until you’re done washing your exterior windows. Add more window cleaning solutions to your windows’ exteriors and scrub them with a sponge or microfiber cloth. After washing them, you can hose down outdoor windows and wipe away water in a Z shape using a newspaper or a microfiber cloth.

Window Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

You might make some window-washing mistakes that affect your cleaning process or result. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when washing your windows:

  • Cleaning windows on a hot day: Washing your windows on a hot day can cause the cleaning solution to dry on your windows before you wipe it away. Pick a cool, cloudy day for optimal window cleaning.
  • Washing without removing dust: Washing your windows without wiping away dust first can cause a muddy layer and make it challenging to clean your windows properly.
  • Wiping windows with a squeegee: Squeegees can be challenging, especially if you’re new to using one. Your squeegee can drip while wiping away water, making your window cleaning difficult. Use newspaper or a microfiber cloth instead, or be patient when using a squeegee and practice until you get it right.
  • Using circle motions to wash your windows: Circular motions when washing your windows can leave white streaks. Focus on washing horizontally or vertically to prevent lines from forming.
  • Drying windows with an old cotton rag: Old cotton rags can leave behind residue and fluff when drying your window. Stick to black and white newspaper or a microfiber cloth for the best drying results.
  • Using too little cleaner: While using too much solution can make a lot of soap and foam, you want to use enough cleaner to remove dirt and grime. Follow window cleaning product instructions for spraying and dilution ratios for optimal cleaning results.
  • Using an all-purpose cleaner: All-purpose cleaners can leave dust and white residue, dulling your window. The particles in all-purpose cleaners can also cause scratches.

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